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Whale Watching in Iceland: A Guide to Spotting These Magnificent Creatures

Where to see whales in Iceland

Whales excursion in Húsavík

Iceland is known for its breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife, including its impressive whale population. Whale watching in Iceland is a must-do experience for any nature enthusiast or animal lover visiting the country. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about whale watching in Iceland, from the best time to go to the top locations to see these magnificent creatures. For the best experience you can book your hostel at the Fagrafell Hostel for the best whale watching experience in Iceland.

Whales watching in husavik

Húsavík has a much milder weather than most of the other fjords in Iceland, indeed the north is a less rainy area than the rest of Iceland. Its harbor is also very uncrowded which is very favorable to whale watching in Iceland.

When to see whales in Iceland?

Best time to see whales in Iceland

Whale watching in Iceland is a year-round activity, but the best time to see these magnificent creatures is during the summer months (June to August). During this time, the weather is milder, and the sea conditions are more favorable, which means that the chances of spotting whales are higher. That being said, you can still see whales in Iceland during the winter months (November to February), but the sea conditions can be harsh, and the weather can be unpredictable.

Types of Whales to Spot

Iceland is home to a variety of whale species, including humpback whales, minke whales, blue whales, and orcas. Humpback whales are the most commonly spotted whale species in Iceland, and they are known for their acrobatic displays, which often include breaching, tail slapping, and fin waving. Minke whales are also commonly spotted in Iceland and are known for their curious nature. Blue whales are the largest mammals on earth, and while they are more difficult to spot, they are occasionally seen in Iceland. Orcas, also known as killer whales, are often spotted in the waters around Iceland and are known for their distinctive black and white markings.

Where to See Whales in Iceland

Discover the Magic of Whale Watching in Husavik, Iceland

Husavik is considered the whale watching capital of Iceland, and it's easy to see why. The town is located on the north coast of Iceland, and the waters surrounding the town are teeming with whales during the summer months. The best way to see whales in Husavik is by taking a whale watching tour. These tours typically last around three hours and are led by experienced guides who know where to find the whales. The tours leave several times a day during the summer months and are a great way to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Getting Up Close with Iceland's Majestic Whales: Tips for the Best Experience

To see whales in Iceland, you'll need to take a whale watching tour. There are many tour operators in Iceland that offer whale watching tours, but it's important to choose a reputable one. Look for a tour operator that has experienced guides, comfortable boats, and a good safety record. When booking your tour, be sure to ask about the company's whale sighting success rate. This will give you an idea of how likely you are to see whales during your tour.

Where to Stay

If you're planning a trip to Husavik to see the whales, we recommend staying at the Fagrafell Hostel. This cozy hostel is located near of Husavik, with a breathtaking view on valleys and mountains, you are close of the whale watching tours depart. The hostel offers comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a shared kitchen where you can prepare your meals.

Whale watching in Iceland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed. With its stunning natural beauty and diverse whale population, Iceland is the perfect destination for anyone who loves nature and wildlife. So, plan your trip to Husavik, book your whale watching tour, and don't forget to stay at the Fagrafell Hostel for the best whale watching experience in Iceland.